Beat the Financial Markets with the proven XSPY Price Action Manipulation Strategy

What Is XSPY Trader?

You’ve heard the horror stories; you may even know someone who lost thousands in the stock markets. Why are trading disasters so common?

It’s because most traders are not aware that the markets are manipulated, and our only way to profit is by trading with the market makers. XSPY TRADER aims to combat this plight. 

The XSPY Trader Course is a 3 day face-to-face course that will be conducted by our trainer, Mr Alson Chew. Throughout this course, you will learn Alson’s unique “price action manipulation” strategy that he has developed from working as a successful former senior proprietary trader. This strategy can only be learned through this course. 

It is designed to give you the unique “vantage point” to identify chart manipulations and price deceptions – by adopting a step-by-step trading plan with the skill of price action trading.

Who Is XSPY Trader for?

Worried that you may not be able to grasp the XSPY Trader strategy? Have minimal experience or consider yourself a beginner in trading? 

Don’t worry! The XSPY Trader “price action manipulation” strategy has been developed by Alson to be simple to grasp and follow: even for completely new traders! 

Our students vary from : 

Experienced full time professional traders who want to develop and enhance their skill set and trade.

People who have a full time job but want to trade on the side to develop more income.

Complete beginners to the trading world who have zero to minimal trading knowledge and experience.

Why Should You Learn The XSPY Trader Strategy?


Hear from our students!

Jess Kang, Assistant Manager

“Alson opened up my way of trading. Now I know how the Market Makers think! I used to be very puzzled about why the market moves so out of sync with present events or any big event release. Now I know how the market makers think! Alson helped me understand how the market operates, which suits my short-term trading style. He was honest, humble and passionate about his craft. Thanks Alson! You opened up my way of trading.”

Manish K. Desai,

With Alson there’s no sales talk — just pure trading talk, going straight to the point on pure price action strategy. The best part of the programme for me was learning how to set up the platform and how to manage risk-reward. It also helped me understand the market makers’ mindset. Good job, Alson!


“It was a great experience to get the best out of Alson’s trading strategy. His tested, proven and adaptable methods will lead our class participants to improve our returns, manage risk to cut losses and accumulate our wealth. Alson gave practical examples that highlight his trading experience. The follow-up sessions also help us revise after applying the strategies learnt. Thank you Alson!”