Reasons to Enroll

  • Apply a powerful 6-step Trade Execution Summary to achieve up to an impressive 10% – 15% returns in the next 6 – 9 months.
  • Make profitable trading decisions based purely on 4 sets of bars and charts. No more lagging indicators and fanciful candlesticks to confuse you.
  • Identify chart manipulations and price deceptions in the stock markets so you can avoid bear & bull traps, and instead profit by trading alongside these manipulators.
  • Detect winning trade patterns early and quickly buy into it to secure best prices, while others are still waiting for trade indicators to appear.
  • Protect your trading positions with XSPY Risk Management Model, and learn how to safeguard your earnings from sudden market flush-downs.
  • Notice price deviations through accumulation and distribution processes – to know when supply and demand is being falsified.
  • Adopt the right trading psychology and create your own unique trading plan – to make sound trading decisions by understanding key profitable parameters.
  • Focus simply on price behaviour to trade, and know when to cut out unnecessary macroeconomic noise and news.
  • and much more…

Trading Market Manipulations as Professional Traders
Index futures, Forex futures, Crude Oil and Gold futures.

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“Well-structured; the small class was cozy and conducive for learning and interaction.”

I found the programme well-structured and informative. The small class setting was very cozy and conducive for learning and interaction. I was truly engaged by the programme and the great sharing by Alson — always smiling, frank and ever eager to teach. My biggest takeaway was learning how to trade futures and price action. Thanks!

Chua Hock Leong , RSAF personnel SG 2016

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