15 Years Anniversary Promotion!

You will learn how to:

  • Pick out Market Maker’s manipulations and price deceptions at one glance and trade alongside them

  • Make good consistent profits even at a win-rate of less than 50%, through the ideal risk-reward ratio of 1:2

  • Shorten your trading learning curve and learn everything I know through more than 15,000 hours of live trading experience.

  • Detect key price changes through very simple price charts to pinpoint winning trades and avoid Market Makers’ price traps

  • Use effective trade entry & exit strategies to secure the best returns

  • Develop the psychology of proprietary traders to make the accurate trades and manage risks

    All with using a powerful 6-step trade execution summary.

XSPY Trader Workshop

28th June – 1st July

Here’s what you can look forward to the moment you enrol with XSPY Trader™:

  1. A 2.5 Day Intensive Training regarding the Secrets to Price Action Manipulation developed through my observations and experiences based on more than 15,000 live trading hours
  2. A 4-hour Preparatory Session for trading fundamentals and software set-up to prepare you for XSPY Trader main programme
  3. An Extensive Support System mentored by an Ex-professional Senior Fund Trader
  4. Access to XSPY Private Trading Forum for discussion of trade ideas, skills training and market analysis
  5. Access to Inner Circle Telegram Chat Groups for real-time dissemination and sharing of trade opportunities and market analysis
  6. Create your own trading plan with XSPY Risk & Money Management Spreadsheet to make accurate sizing, entries and exit price decision at a glance
  7. An Unlimited Programme Re-attendance for XSPY traders to take advantage of until they become profitable
  8. Quarterly Gatherings for XSPY traders to get updated with the latest market analysis and skills revision
  • This limited special discount will ONLY be available on the 24th of April 2019!
  • The promo will begin at 00:00AM and end at 11:59PM of 24th April.
  • This will be a first-come first-serve basis promotion as discounted seats are limited.
  • Promotion is not applicable for other courses.
  • Promotion cannot be combine with other promotion.
  • Promotion can only be used to offset the price of the programme and not the deposit
  • This promotion is valid only for “XSPY Trader” Conducted by Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG) Sdn Bhd in Malaysia only