Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

XSPY TRADER is designed to suit every trader – from all levels of trading, equipping them with the essential skill set and psychology of a professional trader. The curriculum goes from the very basics to the most advanced, in a structured and methodical manner. Moreover, XSPY traders will have exclusive access to our private forum, mobile chat groups and continuous programme re-sit until you become profitable.

XSPY TRADER is the only programme that trains Price Action Manipulation strategies, and is personally conducted by a proven ex-proprietary trader with more than 5 years of professional trading experience. This programme does not rely on traditional technical analysis and is based on a set of simple and unconventional use of price action tactics. In addition, this programme will help cut short and boost the learning curve of aspiring traders through the guidance and experiences shared by Alson to take on low-risk and high-return trade set-ups.

The skills and tactics taught in XSPY TRADER are applicable to any financial products and timeframe. For participants who currently hold a regular job, it is recommended that they trade the 4-hour chart and above.

The programme will use charts from the Thinkorswim trading platform. Having this trading platform will definitely be helpful in understanding the programme better. However, the methods and skills taught here are applicable on any charting platforms that you are already comfortable with.

It is recommended for you to bring your laptop as there will be hands-on sessions to set up the Thinkorswim trading platform charts for intra-day and swing trading.