Why Retail Trader Lose Their Trades Against The Giants... It's Not What You Think It Is.

Most ‘Retail Traders’ in Malaysia are unaware of the manipulation that is happening in the Market. Entering during a Bear/Bull Trap and only Exiting upon the manipulation that takes place.

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i want to teach you a prop desk secret that helped me to achieve .... and counting

Alson Chew Standing

Alson is a former senior proprietary trader at an established boutique firm, where he traded a proprietary fund and achieved the firm’s Top Trader Award twice in a row. With his acute market analysis skills, Alson has achieved a total net profit of more than SGD 1.2 million trading the financial markets over the years. As an outstanding professional trader, Alson was honored to receive a personal testimonial from the Senior Vice President of the Singapore Exchange, Mr. Rama Pillai – for his initiative in helping aspiring traders achieve financial success.

With more than 8 years of live trading and research, Alson gained insider insights into the market’s inner workings. He eventually decoded market manipulation and created his trademark XSPY™ Price Action Manipulation strategy for directional trading in U.S Equities, Index, Forex and Commodities.

Hailed as a skillful and sincere trading coach, Alson has imparted his techniques to more than 1000 students in Singapore and Malaysia. As a financial educator, he has shared the stage at regional wealth seminars with renowned investment speaker Adam Khoo.

Alson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Management from the Singapore Management University and has passed the Certified Financial Planner course by the Financial Planning Association of Singapore.

What makes The "XSPY Price Action Manipulation" Strategy Unique?

It is the only trading strategy taught in Malaysia and Singapore that shows you how to decode Market Makers’ price manipulation.
Other price action programmes teach you to see price movements — but they don’t show you the manipulation going on behind-the-scenes. With me, you learn to get into the minds of Market Makers and see the charts like they do. You no longer have to second-guess the charts and wonder what you did wrong. Over my prop trading career, I’ve encountered all kinds of market scenarios. I spent >15,000 live trading hours sharpening my skills and learning from bad trades. This unique strategy is the result of my hard work and research. You will not learn this from any trading websites or books. Come to my free workshop and hear it for yourself.
You Learn to Profit from the Underrated Skill of Futures Trading Trusted by Professionals
Most trading programmes focus on stocks or Forex. Many traders avoid Futures like plague because they think it’s “too risky”. As someone who specialises in Futures, I know these fears are unfounded. For one, you can trade 23 hours a day and only risk 1 hour of uncertainty. You’re not tied to market hours, rushing in when the market opens like you do with stocks. When we meet at my free workshop, you will learn little-known secrets about Futures that can improve your trading potential. If you’ve always been curious about Futures, here is a good place to start.
You learn straight from a true-blue ex-prop trader who now trades full-time for a living.
You may have encountered courses out there offering “proven formulas” and “auto robots”. These may work — in fair-weather market conditions. But as intelligent traders, you know we cannot rely on these “easy trading systems” for consistent, long-term returns. I strongly believe in trading with clear judgment, sharp analysis and firm discipline. The difference is, you don’t have to experiment with dozens of different techniques, struggling to find a system that works for you. I’ll help shorten your learning curve by sharing prop desk insights I’ve learnt, stripping my strategy down to the step-by-step essentials that can help you profit.
You trade on pure bars and charts. No lagging indicators, no messy screens, no market noise.
Why clutter your screens and overwhelm yourselves with slow indicators, when you can actually read clean charts based on the only indicator that matters — PRICE. You will focus purely on price movements and stop worrying about the news. You will realize how prices move as the result of traders’ immediate reaction to news releases. You'll be surprised at how you can see the most likely direction of the market using price action... way before the papers hit the newsstand.
The FIRST chart below is what your charts might look like. Many indicators used and an overall messy/cluttered look. This was what my charts used to look like.
The SECOND chart shows how your chart can look using my strategy! Simple, clear and straightforward. 

Hear Honest Student Reviews About My Coaching Programme

Give Me 3 Hours And You Will See The Market In A Different Light. Join Me In My 3-Hour "Price Action Manipulation" Workshop And Discover How To:​

  • Spot winning trade patterns day after day while others camp for weeks waiting for a single trade. 
  • Make clear-cut trading decisions based on pure bars and charts. No laggy indicators and messy screens to confuse you.
  • Apply only 4 sets of chart pattern analysis to boost profits and hedge risks phase-by-phase.
  • Cut out unneeded microeconomic noise and news, and learn how supply and demand can be falsified to drive price movements.
  • Apply a powerful 6-step Trade Execution Summary to achieve up to an impressive 10% – 15% returns 6 – 9 Months
  • Identify chart manipulations and price deceptions in the stock markets so you can avoid bear & bull traps.
  • Think like a Market Maker, know when they strike, and enter profitable trades beside them.
  • Move fast and sharp like prop traders; find out why they act against common logic to secure greater returns and develop the composure to bounce back from bad trades

here are some common questions that i get:

I’ll be honest with you here. I’m a trader by profession, not a speaker/salesman.

This means I don’t have a glib tongue and I’m not good at hyping people up with millionaire dreams and get-rich-quick guarantees.

My strategy is especially powerful for serious traders who want to make an income through trading.

It is not recommended for lazy people who want to make easy money without effort.

But if you’re looking for an honest coach and a straight-to-the-point trading strategy, I sincerely invite you to learn more at my FREE workshop.

There’ll be no oily sales pitches – just honest sharing of my trading tactics and a rare glimpse into proprietary trading practices.

After 5 years as a prop trader, I realized trading on my own was dull and lonely. It is my sincere wish to start my own circle of like-minded traders.

Now, my students and I chat about our setups every day and we learn from one another’s wins and mistakes. It is a fulfilling experience to help others succeed in a craft you love.

I still trade the markets every day and I’m in tune with the challenges my students face.

When you ask me market questions at my FREE workshop, you will know I’m telling the truth.

And if you see the value in my strategy, you’re welcome to join my programme and trading circle. I hope you give yourself a chance to learn if this strategy suits you. 

So hit the REGISTER button now and I’ll see you at the workshop!

Reserve Your Seat to the FREE 3-Hour “Price Action Manipulation” Workshop

DATE: 25 February 2020, Tuesday


Session 1 : 2:00PM – 5:00PM

Session 2 : 7:30PM – 10:30PM

VENUE: AKLTG Training Centre @ Solaris Mont Kiara
K-07-09, Level 7, Block K, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, 50480

ATTENTION : If you would like to reserve more than one seat, please fill up the registration form again separately for each person. Each form registration will reserve ONLY ONE SEAT. Thank you!


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