Second Income seminar

Learning The Best Of Both Worlds. Join Our 1 Day Seminar on Both  Value Investing and Price Action Manipulation Trading.

(RM77 Payment Upon Entry)

Event Details:

Date: 15 June 2019, Saturday

Time: 9:20am- 6pm

Venue: Armada Hotel @ Level 3, Arcadia I&II

*Limited Seats Available

*Early Bird Promo for RM77* (Book now, pay on the day itself)

Learning to stop under valued stocks and estimate potential growth

Using Price Action Manipulation strategy to trade financial instruments such as stocks, CFDs, Options, Indexes and even Crypto.

Learning from the Trainers of the Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. Upgrade your wealth experience today

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Speaker of the Day:

Alson Chew Standing


Alson is a former proprietary trader with a 5-year tenure at an established boutique firm, where he traded a proprietary fund and a private equity portfolio. With his acute market analysis, he achieved a total net profit of SGD 1.2 million — earning him the firm’s Top Trader Award twice in a row.

With over 15,000 hours of live trading and research, Alson gained insider insights to the market’s inner workings. He is known for his unbroken record of profiting every quarter since 2011, even through the 2015 Chinese stock market crash.

As an institutional proprietary trader, Alson has executed proprietary strategies in spreads and directional trading. Alson trades an individual book of U.S Equities and futures products listed across multiple exchanges – Index, Forex and Commodities.

As an outstanding professional trader, Alson was honoured to receive a personal testimonial from the Senior Vice President of the Singapore Exchange, Mr. Rama Pillai. He was also awarded the AKLTG Wealth Academy Traders Portfolio Challenge Top Prize.

After many years of trading professionally, Alson developed the XSPY Professional Price Action Trader Skills Development mentorship course for directional trading in U.S Equities, Index, Forex and Commodities. The XSPY mentorship course outlines a simple and efficient way of trading via a pluck-and-play concept that generates high returns with low risk. Hailed a skillful and sincere trading coach, Alson has shared the stage at regional wealth seminars with renowned trading mentor Adam Khoo. As a fellow financial educator and close friend of Adam, Alson is happy to join Adam’s mission of transforming traders’ lives around the world.

Joey Seok:

Joey is the one of the longest serving trainers for Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group in Malaysia. 

From having zero knowledge about stocks, Joey was personally mentored by Adam Khoo himself, and developed the skills and deep knowledge about investing in stocks. Currently, Joey has actually become one of Adam Khoo’s most trusted investors. In fact, Joey is trusted by Adam to even manage his own personal stock investment accounts when he is busy. 

He has accumulated many years of professional investing experience in the stock market. To date, he has handled multiple stock trades worth millions of ringgit. 

Besides investing, he is also a passionate trainer, currently training beside Adam for the Wealth Academy programme.

He has many years of training experience under Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. Besides the Wealth Academy Program, Joey also conducts trainings for the I Am Gifted! School Holiday Camp program.


9:20am - 1pm (1st Half)

Join us for this eye-opening “Price Action Manipulation” session and discover how to:

  • Apply a powerful 6-step Trade Execution Summary to achieve up to an impressive 10% – 20% returns in 3 months.
  • Identify chart manipulations and price deceptions in the stock markets so you can avoid bear & bull traps, and instead profit by trading alongside these manipulators.
  • Make profitable trading decisions based purely on bars and charts. Trade without relying on indicators and candlesticks to confuse you.
  • Promptly recognise winning trade patterns and buy into it before everybody else to secure the best prices.
  • Move fast and sharp in the markets like pro traders; and find out why they act against common logic to secure greater returns and develop the composure to bounce back from bad trades.
  • Cut out unneeded microeconomic noise and news, and learn how supply and demand can be falsified to drive price movements.

*Break at 1pm-2pm*

2pm - 6pm (2nd Half)

 Learn how to gain an upper hand by selecting under valued stocks in the market:
  • How simply saving 10% of your salary can make you a millionaire.
  • Why 12% is the minimum return you should demand from your investments.
  • How you can select defensive stocks that are unlikely to drop in value even during recessions.
  • The little-known buy and sell signals that give the top investors an almost unfair advantage.
  • Learn more from Joey’s the 4 Key Profitable Investing
  • Investing Psychology: What ultimately determines your success

*Networking & Q/A Session at 5pm-6pm