"Alson’s proven methods will help us improve our returns and accumulate our wealth"
It was a great experience to get the best out of Alson’s trading strategy. His tested, proven and adaptable methods will lead our class participants to improve our returns, manage risk to cut losses and accumulate our wealth. Alson gave practical examples that highlight his trading experience. The follow-up sessions also help us revise after applying the strategies learnt. Thank you Alson!
Sivakumar Subramanyam
"Alson opened up my way of trading. Now I know how the Market Makers think"
I used to be very puzzled about why the market moves so out of sync with present events or any big event release. Now I know how the market makers think! Alson helped me understand how the market operates, which suits my short-term trading style. He was honest, humble and passionate about his craft. Thanks Alson! You opened up my way of trading.
Jess Kang
"Attend XSPY Trader™ to enhance your trading edge."
XSPY Trader™ offers an interesting perspective from an ex-proprietary trader. Alson was approachable and friendly, and he helped us to avoid the pitfalls of trading. The best thing I learnt from this programme was understanding how market makers manipulate the market. I encourage aspiring traders to attend XSPY Trader™ to enhance their trading edge.
Daryl Teo
"Just pure trading talk, pure price action strategy"
With Alson there’s no sales talk — just pure trading talk, going straight to the point on pure price action strategy. The best part of the programme for me was learning how to set up the platform and how to manage risk-reward. It also helped me understand the market makers’ mindset. Good job, Alson!
Manish K. Desai
"I enjoyed the step-by-step guideline on trading futures"
Thanks to Alson for his positive teaching and willingness to share his knowledge and guide other traders. I learnt how to set rules and be disciplined as a trader. Attend this programme to learn how real futures trades operate and real experience sharing to avoid future failure!
Derek Lim Chiong Huat