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You’ve heard the horror stories; you may even know someone who lost thousands in the stock markets. Why are trading disasters so common? It’s because most traders are not aware that the markets are manipulated, and our only way to profit is by trading with the market makers.

XSPY TRADER aims to combat this plight. It’s designed to give you the unique “vantage point” to identify chart manipulations and price deceptions – by adopting a step-by-step trading plan with the skill of price action trading.

You will discover the hidden factors that truly drive price movements such as “phony” supply or demand, so you can buy into a winning trade way earlier while other retail traders keep waiting for “signals” that never show until it’s too late.

Using only four sets of standard bars and charts, you will learn to interpret the behaviours of market manipulators by detecting specific deviations in their prices.

No more complicated technical analysis and lagging indicators! With only simple price charts and ladders to follow, you can now trade confidently alongside market makers to achieve consistent returns.

More About Alson Chew

Alson is an ex-proprietary trader known in the trading industry for holding an unbroken track record of profiting every quarter since 2011 even through the Chinese stock market crash in 2015. Over the years, he achieved a total net profit of USD 1.2 million for his firm – earning him the firm’s Top Trader Award twice in a row.

Alson’s insider knowledge as a pro trader gave him access to market news and whispers. He soon realised that the financial markets are manipulated and quickly adapted his trading tactics to trade alongside the manipulators and score handsome profits regardless of market conditions.

As an outstanding trader in the proprietary circle, Alson was honoured to receive a personal testimonial from the Senior Vice President of SGX, Mr. Rama Pillai, for his initiative in helping aspiring traders achieve financial success.


This programme is direct and as a technical analysis pre-trader, this programme is definitely for me. A big thanks to instructor Alson who uses his heart to teach and deliver this programme and ensuring special attention are given to each student where this can be met from the small size class. Will definitely polish myself more for the strategies, psychology, methods and also knowledge that has been taught to be utilized in the learning and trading journey.
This programme allows me to see how the MM lures the retail traders and helps me to position myself at the right side of the markets.
It's like having a fresh breathe, a new pair of glasses in this deceptive financial market.

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* The trading results may varies from person to person. The success of trading whether you are doing stocks, options, CFDs, cryptos, & etc, requires time, hardwork and consistency. In every wealth creation there will be an element of risk involved. Do note that the past performance of a stock does not equal to the future results. This webinar should not be use as a research or data validation your any reporting or write up.